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Effective Cutting Range: 5’ x 10’
X-axis: 5’
Y-axis: 10’
Z-axis: 4”

Maximum Speed
X-axis: 2240IPM
Y-axis: 2240IPM
Z-axis: 3150IPM

Max. Cutting Speed:
1575 IPM

X-axis: 1G
Y-axis: 1G
Z-axis: 1G

Positioning Accuracy: 0.0002”
Cutting Accuracy: 0.0008”
Cutting Finish: ISO9013
    The FL1530C Fiber Laser Cutting Machine is a high-quality & high-efficiency cutting expert which
adopts IPG Fiber Lasers with up to 30% wall-plug efficiency. This machine also integrated with
high feature control system and rigid mechanical structure. It is several times higher than conventional
lasers. Besides that, there are also have numerous advantages such as high accuracy, high speed,
high reliability, fine beam quality, low overall cost, high compactness, user-friendly etc.

FL3015C is manufactured according to ISO8206
(DIN EN 8206) and its cutting quality meets ISO9013.
Laser Cutting Specification (Maximum cutting thickness with Quality)
Laser: YLS-2000
Item Medium                 Carbon Steel     Stainless Steel
Max. thickness (inch)             5/8”                      3/8”
Speed (IPM)                            16                        12
Cutting Gas Selection and Parameters

Item: O2 (Medium Carbon Steel)
Flow (cfm): 1.8
Pressure (bar): 10
Purity: >99.95%

Item: (Red Copper)
Flow (cfm): 8.8
Pressure (bar): 10
Purity: >99.95%

Item: N2 (Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Brass, etc.)
Flow (cfm): 20.5
Pressure (bar): 30
Purity: >99.99%

Item: Air
Flow (cfm): 8.8
Pressure (bar): 10
Purity: clean, moisture free, greaseless
IPG Laser Specification:
Item: YLS-2000  
Type: Ytterbium-doped fiber laser
Mode of Operation: CW/Modulated
Central Wavelength:1070 nm
Power Output: 2000 W
Beam Parameter Product (BPP): M2 <1.15
Polarization State: Random
Max Modulation Frequency kHz: 10
Supply Power: 460v
Power input (kW: 8
Cooling (KW): 5
Diode Life (hrs): >50000
Cooling type: Water cooling
Maintenance: Maintenance-free
 Compact, rugged and easy to install
 Low energy consumption(70% lower
   than CO2 laser)
 Standard Laser Head
 Constant BPP over entire power range
 Small focus over large working distance
 Fiber delivery ® No laser gas removing
   required, simple optical path system
 High cutting capability on high reflective
   materials like copper/red copper due to
   fiber laser’s high absorptivity of carbon
   steel and copper. Its absorptivity can be
   3-4 times higher than CO2 laser
 Low operation cost
 Easy to operate
 Maintenance-free Operation
Laser Cutting Control System - FSCUT2000
 CypTronic-F CNC Specification:
 Mainboard Model: BCE4
 CPU: Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU J1900 @2GHz
 Chipset: Intel Bay Trail-T
 RAM: 4G( DDR3 1600MHz)
 Hard Drive: 64GB/SSD
 Operating System: Windows Embedded Standard 7(X86)
 Power: DC 24V
 Protection Degree: IP40
 Working Conditions:  
 Temperature:0~65℃
 Humidity:5%~95% (no condensation of moisture)

Laser System (IPG)YLS-2000
 High power fiber laser device specialized
   in mechanized laser cutting system;
 Low operation and maintenance cost;
 High wall-plug efficiency: ≥0%;
 No consumable parts to be replaced
   constantly, environment friendly;
Fiber Laser Head (RayTools AG) - BT240
    The series of laser cutting heads BT240 are released
by Switzerland RAYTOOLS AG in 2014, which are suitable
for medium and high power fiber lasers in industrial
applications. The heads have diversification interface
settings which are compatible with a variety of fiber lasers.
The optimization of optical design and digital height sensor
can make cutting more efficiently. The design of dual
water-cooled allows laser heads stably and chronically to
work at high power lasers.
Key features:
 Optimized optical configuration, smooth and efficient gas flow design
 Drawer type design of protection glass seat, simple and fast to replace protection glass
 Multiple fiber laser interfaces
 Slim and long nozzle connector is suitable for 3-dimenson cutting
 Collimator and focus lens both adopt special composite lens, ensuring high quality optical
    BPP and cutting
 Collimator and focus lens are both equipped with water cooling system, which ensures up to
    4KW laser power output.
 Knob type focus adjustment, high precision and flexibility. Adjustment range: 15mm
    Accuracy: 0.5mm
 Built-in ring-blowing and side-blowing structure of protection glass seat provides protection
    when cutting high reflective materials and reduces spatter and dirt.
 Modular design, convinient replacement of parts.
Laser Head Specifications:
Power: Up to 4KW
Focus Length (mono/dual, quartz, wavelength: 1025-1080nm): 100mm, 125mm,
150mm, 200mm (2D)
Aperture: 25mm
Nozzle orifice: 1.0mm - 3mm
Nozzle type: Single layer, double layer, customized
Gas pressure: Max 30 bar
Weight: ~2.5kg
Focus Length (dual, quartz, wavelength: 1025 – 1080nm): 60mm, 75mm, 100mm
Aperture: 28mm
Fiber Interface: QBH, LLK-B, QD
Torch Height Control – BCS100
BCS100 capacitive height controller is a high-performance height control device using closed-loop
control method. BCS100 also provides a unique Ethernet communication (TCP/IP protocol)
interface, it can easily implement many functions with CypCut software, such as automatic tracking
of height, segmented piercing, progressive piercing, edge seeking, leapfrog, arbitrary setting of
lift-up height of nozzle. Its response rate is also increased greatly. Especially in servo control
aspect, its running speed and accuracy should be much better than other similar products, due to
dual closed-loop algorithm of speed and position.
Performance Description:
 Sampling rate: 1,000 times per second
 Static measurement accuracy: 0.001 mm
 Dynamic response accuracy: 0.05 mm
 Following range: 0-25 mm
 Following speed can reach 500 mm/s
 The signal will not decay with strong capacity of
    resisting when the length of signal transmission
    cable is up to 100m
 Support network communications and U-drive
    online upgrade
 Compatible with any cutting head and nozzle
 Support collision alarm and beyond edge alarm
 Support edge detection and automatic inspection
 Automatic calibration process, with fast and easy operations
 Support leapfrog and segmented piercing
 Support oscilloscope functions to detect capacitance in real time.
Model                                                                                    BCS V3.0
Max moving speed                                                              38IPS
Max acceleration                                                                  2G
Capacitance saltation restraint                                          10%
Min inflexibility requirement                                                 2Hz
DA resolution                                                                       16bit
DA zero drift                                                                         3mv
DA Response time                                                              0.01ms
Positioning accuracy                                                           1/2500”  
Driving System – YASKAWA Sigma 7 Servo System
“Seven advances that give sigma-7 greater automation effectiveness”. Sigma-7 is engineered
to bring new responsiveness, reliability and effectiveness to the automation that powers your
Key Features:

1) Improved performance

2) Easier application

3) More choices

4) Environmentally friendly

5) Smaller size

6) Safety and security

7) Easy compatibility

8) Apex Gearbox:6 degree precision
helical gear, pinion and rack motion
FL1530C Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
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