Plate Bending Rolls

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AHS 4 Plate Rolls
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AHV 3 Roll Variable Geometry Plate Rolls

Turkey and the World relies on Akyapak about Plate Bending Machines.

Hydraulic Plate Bending Machines of Akyapak come at the beginning of the most preferred products. Produced with 3 and 4 Rolls Hydraulic Plate Bending Machines of AKYAPAK AKBEND, 2 mm to 200 mm in thickness and width of 1000 mm 12000mm sheet metal is able to perform high quality bending without having a difficulty.Machines are produced with a quality that is able to perform bending with a special conical or elliptical device when prompted.

AHS Machines are equipped with advanced technological features which greatly ease the work of their users. Rolls are working hydraulically driven. Top and side rollsmove up and down hydraulically. Top roll is able to generate opening and closing ofshaft cover and uplifting automatically of top shaft from a control panel in an easyway. The control panel system is submitted with CNC and NC options. AHS HydraulicPlate Bending Machines, not only facilitate bending operations but also minimize the loss of time, and expand productivity with many other optional features.

AHS Machines have extremely strong bodies with welded St-52 steel construction body, roll shaft diameters and materials, bearing used and bending moment givehigh confidence. Like all the other machines produced by AKYAPAK, AHS Machines also have a very meticulous process of production. These machines that are produced after being designed as three-dimensional and checked its accounts in analyzing programs are subjected to lots of tests by experienced and expert teams until they reach their clients. All the rolls of our hydraulic plate roll machines whose hydraulic and electrical precautions have taken are embedded with self-aligning roller shafts. In this way, by being reduced of the friction force, the machines are strengthened more.

With all these features behind the success of the AHS Hydraulic Plate Bending Machines in Turkey and around the world, as in all the machines of AKYAPAK, there is advanced technology and high quality that are registered by the certificates of CE,ISO 9001-2008, TSEK and TURQUM.