Angle & Ring Rolls

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Akyapak Profile Bending Machines

APK Small Angle Ring Rolls
APK Small Series

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AKYAPAK, offers extensive alternatives about big sized profile bending machines too. Our machines are strong and reliable with their ST-52 weld construction body.Minimum flexion causes less deformation, by the help of our machines’ enlarged roll diameters.

By the help of big measurements of bearings, durability and high bending momentum can be obtained. Hydraulic cylinders’ power enables to bend the bigger parts without any difficulty. Practical and universal rollers creates the possibility of easiness about bending various kinds of profiles, and this feature gives the opportunity of being more powerful and firm.

Our Profile Bending Machines are 3 rolls driven. This feature allows to have the possibility of making, the high capacity bending processes, real. Secondly, our 3 Rolls Driven machine minimizes the slip of the materials during the bending process. The two bottom rolls are driven hydraulic and they can make their movements independent from each other. Therefore, in comparison with the machines which are driven from the top roll, our machines’ features enhance the ability of operators and give the opportunity to make pre-bending process on both edges. Side supporters can move towards three directions, to reduce the deformations and to facilitate bending processes, especially about angles and spirals.