Bent Pipe Flange Automatic Welding System

This system is used primarily to weld an elbow to a flange. It requires less labor intensity and skill while retaining high quality.


  • Solved inside and outside two seams welded simultaneously, minimizing requirements on labor intensity and skill
  • Open headstock rotor design which is convenient for load/unload
  • high efficiency e.g. 155 pipe welding time less than 60seconds for two seams at the same time;
  • Unique welding prossesses for two seams;
  • Patent design open headstock rotator with ac servo motor for stable rotation and high accurate control;
  • Suitable for variable OD bent pipe- flange inside & outside seams welded simultaneously;


  • Pipe diameter: OD 165~200mm;
  • Wall thickness range: 5~8mm;
  • Weight: 45kg;
  • Welding current: 60~500A;
  • Wire diameter .2mm;
  • Function: pulse current, rotation, wire feeding, protection gas, oscillation;
  • Program memory: 50