Main Features

  • Well balanced and sturdy welded machine all steel frame provides constant stability and rigidity
  • The centralized hydraulic logical system offers the best performance with a quiet hydraulic pump
  • Independent hydraulic pressure hold-downs synchronized with upper blade, ensuring the workpiece is securely clamped at the moment of cutting
  • High grade carbon/chrome alloy steel blades ensure maximum accuracy cutting and longer blade lide, 60hrc hardened. Easy to utilize blade gap setting (BGA)
  • Hydraulic adjustable rake angle design is a standard feature for all models, rake angle is hydraulically variable djustable with gauge selection indicators, minimizing bowing and twisting
  • Adjustable cutting length and stroke
  • Shadow line lighting covering full length of worktable, this is very helpful to operator for positioning and shearing workpiece
  • Worktable mounted with ball transfer type plates, for easier loading and moving workpiece
  • Full-length and full view safety finger guard, to protect operator from cutting hazard
  • Removable foot remote pedal is fitted with safety protection, the upper blade beam will rise to top position immediately. On removal of foot from the pedal
  • All motors and pumps are overload protected
  • Jog, single, or continuous cutting operation modes
Model H1-1065
Cutting Length 10′
Mild Steel 1/4”
Stainless Steel 7 ga
Blade Length 10′-2”
Stroke Per Minute 24-35
Hold Downs (quantity) 16
Hold Down Pressure in Tons 16
Front Support in inches 40
Back Gage Power B.G. 32
Top Blade Rake Adjustment Hydraulic Adjustment Rake angle + Blade Clearance Adjustment Device
Top Blade Rake Angle ½ to 2degress
Motor HP 15
Oil Tank Capacity 80 gallons
Net Weight 16,000 lbs
Overall Dem w/o Support Arms 158” x 70” x 85”