Coil Handling Equipment

Decoilers also known as uncoilers, are designed and engineered by CIDAN Machinery for a smooth efficient unreeling of coil material into a cut to length line with a load capacity up to 10 ton. CIDAN Machinery´s collection of decoilers is manufactured in various sizes for different coil loads. Our decoilers cater to nearly the entire market of sheet metal working, with a maximum width of 1550 mm which are universal and adapted to all kinds of coil widths.

Manual Decoiler - CIDAN Machinery Americas

The CIDAN MANUAL decoiler comes in three different models; the DO 2-12 MANUAL decoiler with manually adjusted break system, single frame, and expandable mandrel, the DC 5 MANUAL decoiler with expandable mandrel and manually adjusted brake system, and the CRADLE with four supporting rolls, two side rolls, and fixture for transportation of pallet jack.

QXS16C Decoiler - CIDAN Machinery Americas

The CIDAN QXS16 is a fully hydraulic powered decoiler that comes in four different sizes. This large capacity decoiler has a massive 16,000 lbs (8,000 kg) capacity. With no need to worry about the mandrel tilting over time, hundreds of customers in North America alone are running their QXS16’s trouble free!