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Metronor is a high technology company headquartered just outside Oslo, Norway. It has subsidiaries in Rockford (near Chicago, USA), Riegelsberg (Germany) and Beijing (China). Through these, it’s supports it’s partners and customers on a global basis. Based on in-house innovation and research they have developed a range of electro-optical portable coordinate measuring systems. Since 1989 their innovation has continued to grow popularity among leading manufacturers worldwide. Metronor provides state-of-the-art Dimensional Management Solutions for complex assembly programs. Main products include Portable CMMs and Boresight systems.

Our core photogrammetric technology developed into a variety of product versions. They address from the moderate to highest degree of accuracy requirements. In recent years we have expanded our product range from industrial metrology systems to solutions for boresight applications in the military business area. A vast number of applications in various industries can be accurately and efficiently documented. This will allow you to provide the customer with excellent ROI from his investment.D

Do you need to accurately measure a three dimensional object? Do you have a piece of equipment that has multiple bends with multiple varying degrees of radius? Can you accurately measure the shape and size of a prop on a ship so you could reproduce it? With Metronor products you can. Why not give us a call us and see how we can help? If you need to measure ??? Give us a call and tell us about your project, we can help.

Coordinate Measuring Machines