Plasma Cutting

AirCUT – CNC Plasma Plate Cutting Machine

Top Industry Users:

Farm & Ranch • Light and Mid-sized Construction • Shops • Maintenance & Repair • Metal Ads and Sign Shops

Recommended Material Type:

Mild Steel • Alloy Steel • Stainless Steel • Aluminum • Brass and Copper

The AirCUT is a unitized single torch cutting table for small 
and mid-sized shop fabricators and manufactures. Built fully
in a strong steel structure – mostly for air plasma technology 
and has offers a speed of more than 490 IPM.  This is a 
precise and rugged system with our water table or downdraft
table integration.

We have incorporated 2 high precision linear guides on the 
transverse axis and double shaft guides on the longitudinal 
sides driving with 2 AC Servomotors, making this machine 
accurate and reliable. The AirCut’s compact cutting table 
design minimizes your floor space requirements; just add air
input power and it will be ready to cut.  No need for labor 
intensive setups or adjustments like other complicated cutting
machines. The AirCut is quick and easy!

Our intuitive and easy to use controller comes equipped 
with 2D shape cutting software containing a library of more
than 60 shapes, automated nesting, material data base, 
automatic kerf compensation and torch height control.


  • AirCUT Plasma Cutting Table 5’x10’
  • Water table
  • CNC controller
  • Hypertherm Powermax 85

FineCut – Cutting Machine Thermal


This machine is an integrated and moveable CNC premier thermal cutting machine with a medium-duty sized structure and multi-axis control, suitable for small plate cutting.


  • Strong frame for single plasma cutting torch
  • Suitable for small plate sizes
  • Dual precision driving trolley system
  • One torch recommended, but up to two may be integrated (one plasma and one flame)
  • Precision gear box trolley driving system to ensure high accuracy in locating transmission
  • Otto Arc and Hypertherm Controllers available
  • Optional Touch Screen
  • Supports various FastCAM software

EasyCut Plus – Cutting Machine Plasma & Flame


Our EasyCut is a light duty double sided AC Servo driving CNC cutting table. It has two types of carriers, the main horizontal driving carrier, which carries one torch and the second, which can carry an additional two torches together – one plasma torch and one flame torch. The maximum torch capacity is 3 which offers a combination of 3 flame cutting torches or 1 plasma torch with 2 flame cutting torches.  

The EasyCut machine was developed to help with job requirements that need more than a MiniCut yet not a heavy duty designed machine, such as our higher priced ProCut. We have designed this machine so that it delivers high performance, stability and results without having to buy a larger more expensive piece of equipment.


  • Strong frame structure to ensure cutting precision and durability
  • Precision gear box torch torlly driving system to ensure high accuracy
  • Various torches for various cutting processes 
  • such as flame and plasma cutting
  • Suitable for wide or complicated applications
  • Otto Arc and Hypertherm Controllers available
  • Double-sided driver (AC Servo)
  • Flame cutting torch auto-ignitor (optional)
  • Various FastCAM software available

ProCut – Cutting Machine Plasma & Flame


This machine is a heavy-duty extended size CNC premier thermal cutting machine with multi-axis control suitable for various plate cutting applications.  The driving trolly system is designed to assist with cutting wide materials.  It also offers a variety of different tools including strip cutting, triple torch, and plasma arc contour beveling.


  • Heavy-duty thermal premier CNC Plate cutting machine
  • Special design to improve effective cutting width
  • Heavy frame structure to ensure cutting precision
  • and durability
  • Suitable for wide and complicated applications
  • Various torches for an array of cutting processes such as flame and plasma cutting
  • Dual precision driving trolley system
  • Precision gear box torch trolley driving system ensures high accuracy in locating transmission
  • High speed cutting is available
  • 17-in high resolution color LCD or 15-in touch screen
  • Various FastCAM software available
  • Foundation Base (optional)

ProPipe – Cutting Machine Plasma & Flame


Our ProPipe is designed to cut profiles on steel or other various types of pipe material by using automatic calculation. It’s widely used in cutting pipe and fittings for ship yards and other industrial steel structures, which require pipe intersection holes, or intersected ends. When using our ProPipe system, it eliminates the tough traditional way of marking your pipe along with lifting, cutting and lots of manual grinding. The traditional process is very time consuming, inconsistent, complicated and not cost effective! Using our system allows the operator to input the diameter and degree of the intersected pipe, and that’s it! The machine will calculate the cut and the required bevel. There is minimal training required and it’s very easy to educate lead managers and staff on how to use this efficient and quick system.

The system uses a cylindrical coordinating system with 5 synchronized axes, which can achieve fixed angle and multi-beveling angles as per AWS requirements. It also provides a multi-language interface input parameter and step by step communication during the cutting and beveling process. This system also has deviation function for various roundness, eccentricity, piercing and also includes a cutting speed control function.


  • Axle: 2 – 6
  • OD Range: 2” – 60”
  • Cutting type: Oxy fuel or plasma
  • Bevel: AWS