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IMC is proud to be an authorized dealer for Akyapak USA.
Akyapac Overview

Akayapak was established in Bursa in 1962. And is one of the longest established producers in Bursa. It exports to 98 countries on 5 continents. They produce metal-bending, drilling, cutting machines and welding solutions. Akyapak continues to shape the technology today with a qualified and experienced staff in Turkey and around the world. With innovation as its driving factor it has been adding new achievements to its success for over fifty years. And it is exporting its advancing technologies world wide.

Akyapak USA

Akyapak USA was established in 2015. It has given a physical presence to Akyapak here in the US. Because they saw a need for local support with a manufacture that was overseas. They established the US base of operations receiving AKYAPAK products. Therefore they committed themselves to providing quality control, installation, warranty and after warranty support of these imported products.

Akyapak Turkey has been marketing and selling its products in N. American market since mid 90s. Because of their innovation, their products save customers money. Akyapac introduced a higher line of technology. Products like plate, profile, tube bending machines and drilling line equipment are ahead of their competitors. With Akyapak USA being available as someone you can access locally, we see this as a marriage of high quality, innovative thinking with local representation for the customer. With competitive prices, high quality, and innovative features, Akyapak products will save you time and money. Are you searching for new equipment? Send us an inquiry or call us today and let us show you why you want to buy an Akyapak.

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