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Our mitering cold saw line includes gear- and inverter-driven models.
For cutting tubing, pipe, angle iron, and solids of many materials.
Machines range from a portable bench-top manual cold saw for light 
production to industrial-rated models with pneumatic vises.
If you’re looking for a high speed cold saw, our CS-355M can turn up 
to 3200 RPM, perfect for cutting soft, non-ferrous metals that can 
gum up blades.


Fast production cutting of thin, medium, or thick walled pipe, tubing, 
extrusions, or solid bar stock. Hardened and ground way track offers 
the most accurate cuts for a semi-automatic cold saw in the industry.
Industrial-grade hydraulic vise and downfeed let you just start the 
blade motor and coolant pump and advance the saw head blade 
through the material. 220-volt 3-phase cold saws with pneumatic 
cylinders that control vise descent to reduce operator fatigue and 
increase blade life.


Designed for full-blown production cutting, a Baileigh fully-automatic
cold saw will make quick work of even the most difficult jobs.
Touchscreen control interface displays the length of cut and the 
current operation. Our NC tungsten carbide saw holds up to 5500 lbs. 
Its hydraulic system lifts one piece of stock at a time and loads it into 
the automatic feeding vise.

Manuel Band Saws